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Gemma Walker-Farren & Echo Echo Dance Theatre Present GHOSTS


GHOSTS is about our relationship with fear and how that takes many different forms over the course of a lifetime. It is about the ghosts we carry with us and how we can sometimes be ghosts in our own lives.
It is a one-person storytelling theatre piece for adults. Several different stories spanning childhood fears to the anxieties of adulthood are woven together with Greek myths and ghostly tales to create a uniquely engaging, frightening and relatable experience. Mysterious projections and soundscapes carry the audience seamlessly from claustrophobic bedrooms to the vast halls of Hades with horror and heartbreak in between.

“From the childhood bedroom to the young adults shared house, to the elder years and to much in the middle,
this work is powerful and it is enthralling”
“The simple stage-setting with just a ‘quilt cover’ as a prop worked superbly.”
-North West Culture Gal review, 2022

GHOSTS was born out of a research and development project between Gemma Walker-Farren and Antonina Sheina (Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company) in 2017 funded by Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Support for Individual Artists Programme. In 2018 the first public work-in progress showing was staged and later that year GHOSTS was funded by Derry City and Strabane District Council as part of the city’s Halloween programme. In 2022 it was re-staged thanks to Arts Council of Northern Ireland Creative Individual’s Resilience Fund.

GHOSTS is presented as part of Riverbank’s programme for First Fortnight 2024.


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