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Tourism Ambassador's Trip

Xoves, 7 de abril de 2022
Prezo da entrada: 70 €

Join us for our Tourism Ambassador’s Trip to County Kildare which
will take place on 7 April with the option of an overnight stay in Barberstown Castle.

We are delighted to host a full day of activities and B&B in the beautiful
Barberstown Castle and ask for a small contribution of €70 towards the day.

With a fantastic itinerary of activities for the day as well as great networking
opportunities, it’s a great opportunity to meet up with industry colleagues.

We hope you can join us, it will be great to get together!

Book your place and pay through our secure payment gateway.

Termos e condicións
*All bookings made prior to the trip must be paid in full to guarantee a place.
*Unha vez recibido o pago, enviarase un correo electrónico de confirmación e unha factura comprobada.
*Delegates may nominate an alternative person from their organisation to attend up prior to the start of the event, at no extra charge.
*Ten en conta que a fotografía e a videografía do evento realizaranse o día.